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Rembrandt Oil colour Paint Traditional Wood Box Set, 15x15ml Tubes + 1x40ml Tube + 8 Accessories

Rembrandt professional oil colour is a superior quality paint carefully crafted in Holland from only the best raw materials. The range touts brilliant, intense colours in all opacity levels. Finely ground pigments are highly concentrated for optimal colour strength. Paints have the highest degree of lightfastness with great durability of the paint coat. This wood box traditional set includes: (15) 15ml tubes: Permanent Lemon Yellow (254), Permanent Yellow Medium (284), Permanent Yellow Deep (285), Vermillion (311), Permanent Madder Deep (342), Permanent Red Medium (377), Ultramarine Deep (506), Kings Blue (517), Phthalo Blue Green (576), Permanent Green Light (618), Emerald Green (615), Yellow Ochre (227), Burnt Sienna (411), Burnt Umber (409), Oxide Black (735) and (1) 40ml tube: Titanium White (105). This set also includes 3 charcoal sticks, 2 hog bristle brushes (round size 4, filbert size 10), 75ml of Talens painting medium, a wooden palette, and a double palette cup.