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Leuchtturn 1917 Notebook Slim Series

The Master notebook was the first notebook that we produced and we are still very fond of it. With its oversized A4+ format (225 × 315mm), and compared with all smaller formats, it is a master of its class when it comes to order and clarity. The highlight – loose sheets and handouts in A4 format are easily and invisibly stowed away between the pages or in the pocket on the inside of the back cover, just as in a file folder. We offer the Master format with two different thicknesses. As “Classic” edition with 235 numbered pages and as “Slim”, a slender version with only 123 numbered pages. The paper quality of both versions is identical at 100 g/m² and thus significantly heavier than for all other notebooks. Our Master notebooks have a page margin for comments and cross-referencing. The line height for lined Master Classic is 8.5 mm and 6 mm for Master Slim.