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Gesso Primer Bucket 1000 ml

Purpose: Making a universal preparatory coat on various absorbent grounds Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, titanium dioxide ? Provides good adhesion for oil colours, acrylic colours, gouache, etc. ? Suitable for absorbent grounds that are free of dust and grease, such as artists' canvas, wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard and paper ? Suitable as preparation for murals on (alkaline) grounds such as fresh concrete, stucco and bricks ? Very absorbent grounds must first be treated with Amsterdam Acrylic binder ? Can be coloured with acrylic colour ? Thinnable with water ? Dries within a few hours, after 24 hour it can be painted over with oil colour ? Apply at temperatures above 10??C, do not freeze ? Clean utensils with water Available in buckets of: 1 l. (art. no. 24192001) 5 l. (art. no. 24652001) 10 l. (art. no. 24641001)