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Super Sixties Beetle Tin

These high quality Bruynzeel coloured pencils are made of high-quality pigments, which results in a nice colour output and makes them easy to mix with each other. The 2.9mm core ensures extra-long colouring pleasure. The handy storage tin with the print of a Beetle car contains 60 items: 44 colour pencils, 12 metallic colouring pencils (with black wood!), 2 graphite pencils, an eraser and a colour pencil sharpener. All Bruynzeel pencils are gluten-free and are made with care from responsibly-sourced wood. Bruynzeel pencils are also double-glued, so that they are extra strong and the chance of the colour core breaking - for example, if the pencil falls to the ground - is minimal! This prevents broken points and ensures that you rarely need to sharpen the pencil.